Tradinsights joins forces with 2Ring Markets

Tradinsights joins forces with 2Ring Markets

Tradinsights– a premier provider of trader training & educational services, joins 2Ring Markets to offer a complete solution for Traders and Brokerages who really want to benefit from code-free Algotrading.


We are delighted to announce that in the forthcoming months, we will be merging with London – based Tradinsights in a bold move to bring together the complete force of their trader training & educational services and 2Rings’ B2B brokerage services.   

This exciting development will further allow us to educate and support traders all over the world on Tektonthe highly effective, free to use Algorithmic Trading tool. 


Mark Sapsford, Managing Director of Tradinsights had these words: 

We pride ourselves on our direct and honest approach to our clients with a focus on offering the very best education and on-going training in all things related to the World’s financial markets.


Our educational and training workshops derive the knowledge, experience and techniques gained over 10 years of trading the markets and teaching thousands of people around the globe how to do the same. It is with this knowledge and experience we are offering a revolutionary trading tool, Tekton.


Over the coming weeks, Tradinsights will be adding their training courses for all levels of traders on our Tekton Community forum: https://tekton.mn.co/, as well as contacting clients to ensure they are getting the support they need. 


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