The Zen of Algotrading

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The Zen of Algotrading

5 things you can and should do to make better, smarter, more focused trades.


One thing we can’t stand over here at 2Ring Markets is to see our fellow traders making their lives more complicated than they have to be. Which is why we algo-gurus decided to put our heads together and share a few solid rules of thumb we all live by when we set out each day for righteous battle.


1. Get your house into shape before the day begins

Seriously, folks, do you think Brad Pitt walks onto set before he thinks about his lines? Spoiler: He doesn’t. So please don’t think you can just walk into a killer day of algotrading without preparing a little first.

Run through your strategies. Check your key levels. Scope out the trends on the daily chart. In short: go in knowing what to expect. This will make it a lot easier to actually get what you want.


2. Don’t veer from your plan

What was that? You’ve got a hunch? That tingly feeling deep in your gut that you can’t possibly lose this one?

Hold on. Is it part of your strategy? No? Then forget it!

Stick to your algos. They’ll do the work for you. Trust us. We created the easiest, smartest algotrading software on the market, and it works.


3. Overthinking is for Jedis

What do you think about hard stops and targets?

We love them. That’s because we know that while the market may be hard to pin down, it always knows best.

Experienced traders get that. Which is why they never try to outthink the market. They build solid strategies and have the discipline to stick to them.

If you’re algotrading, this is twice as true.

Think about it. You’ve built a killer strategy that you’ve backtested and tweaked to get just right, and you want to second-guess that?Don’t even go there. Until you really can think like a jedi, forget the mental stops and human guesswork and let your algos do the thinking for you.


4. You were born with an attention span. Use it.

Wait, we understand. Those latest IG posts from Bella Thorne are the bomb. And Grumpy Cat is dead.

Actually, we don’t understand. And we don’t pity you at all if you’re making lousy trades because you were checking out Bella Thorne while you should have been focusing on building your algos.

Please, friends, put down your insta and concentrate on building killer algos. Once those algos are up and running for you, you’ll have plenty of time for your Bella fix or whatever else you do in your free time.


5. Clock in your seven hours

We’re not saying you need to whip out your avocado mud mask or have Norah Jones playing softly on Spotify next to your bed. But we are saying this, loud and clear: to optimize your trading, you need to optimize your brain.

And there’s only one way to do that: get enough sleep. We aren’t kidding. Seven hours is good. Eight is better.


Wrapping up

We love algotrading as much as you do, but we know how tough it is to get your game into competition shape.

Don’t make it tougher. A little planning, discipline and focus will give you a real edge. The algos will do the rest for you.

Speaking of edges, if you are serious about online trading, and want to take your game to the next level, here’s something you’ll definitely want to check out.