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think it algo trading

Think it.

Think as big as you want. Tekton will turn your ideas into solid trading strategies. No coding. No cost. No worries.

Zero coding skills

Tekton lets you build and automate your algos fast with its insanely easy-to-use dashboard. Experiment with whatever currency pairs, risk settings or candle periods you can think up, without a single line of code.

Zero cost

Tekton is free and always will be, so you can say goodbye to expensive expert advisors and start testing your own ideas. With unlimited access to xStation’s market news and interactive charts, there’s literally no limit to what you can do.

Zero anxiety

Tekton knows when to stop, even when you don’t. With simple adjustments to your stop loss and drawdowns, you can conquer greed and impulse trading with the click of a button and focus on the really good stuff: building better trades.

Build it.

Build better algos faster with our super powerful, but gorgeously simple strategy builder.

Intuitive algo building

Tekton breaks sophisticated algorithmic solutions down into a simple 6 button process. Just choose an indicator and an amount and then tell Tekton what you want your algo to do. If you make a mistake, simply take a step back.

Emotion-free trading

Tekton protects you from making the kinds of impulse trades that wipe out accounts. Optimize the algos you build by filling in a few fields in our risk settings panel. Trade size, stop loss, take profit and drawdown are easily customizable.

One dashboard for everything

Tekton gives you everything you need to trade smart in one easy-to-use dashboard, with full access to xStation’s charts and market news only a click away. Get a complete overview of your trades—results, trade times and periods, test and trade histories included. When you’re done building, click “test” to start backtesting immediately.

build it algo trading
test it algo trading

Test it.

Test it with Tekton and never worry if you’ve made the right trade again.

Unlimited live backtesting

Backtesting with Tekton is easy. Just choose an algo and click “run test”. Tekton will pull up your profits and losses and pip movements in seconds so you can see exactly how your strategy should play out in the market before you trade live. Tweak and repeat as often as you want until you get it right.

Lightning fast transactions

Tekton is super fast and can scan thousands of data points simultaneously. Test your strategy over all data or pinpoint a specific date range, and watch your algo in action. Go granular to see individual backtests with opening and closing prices, profit types, and more.

Iterate and conquer

Tekton’s strategy builder is designed for repeat testing. Click “edit” on any strategy you want to rebuild, adjust anything you want, and hit save. Now you’re ready to test again. Once you’ve tweaked your algo to perfection, you can trade live with confidence.

Trade it.

Trade confidently with 24/7 online tracking and full integration with xStation’s awarding-winning trading platform.

Flawless execution

Tekton will keep you on target by managing your trades for you. Once you’ve set and tested your strategy drawdown, stop loss and take profit, just click “trade”. Tekton will open and close your trades according to your settings, so your strategies are always executed to perfection.

24/7 trade tracking

Tekton is available anytime, anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Whenever you want to see how your trades are performing, just log in. Keep track of your open and close dates and positions. Stop any strategy at any time to review with a click.


Tekton works side-by-side with xStation. Once you’ve set up and launched your algo, watch it perform in real time on an award-winning trading platform. While you’re there, get some leads for your next Tekton strategy by studying the trends with xStation’s easy-to-use, interactive charts.

trade it algo trading

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