Have a question about Tekton? You’ve come to the right place. Unlike Tekton, which sees and knows all, occasionally we miss something. If you have a question we haven’t answered, feel free to get in touch.

Where do I get Tekton?

You can demo Tekton or use it to trade live by logging in to your account.

I don’t have an account. How do I sign up?

Easy. Click here and we’ll get you started.

I’ve never used Tekton before. How do I get started?

Tekton is super easy to learn. You can take it out for a test drive here, if you’ve traded before. If this is your first time trading, we’d be happy to lead you through it. Give us a shout here.

How much does Tekton cost?

Drum roll…Tekton is completely free! Seriously. No strings attached.

What trading platform does Tekton use?

Tekton proudly uses xStation to achieve its algorithmic awesomeness.

Which brokers use Tekton?

We currently work with Patron FX, XTB International and BFB Capital

How do I create a strategy or algorithm?

Just open up your dashboard, pick an instrument and tell Tekton what you want it to do and for how long you want it to do it. Tekton will take care of the rest. For a closer look at what Tekton can do, check this out.

How long does it take to set up an algorithm?

Literally, minutes.

Can I share my strategies with someone else?

Sure. Just copy any strategy you want to share to your clipboard when your algo is open. Then paste it into a document, email or sms and send.

Are there rollover charges?

Brokerages will apply rollover/swap charges if your trades are running overnight. You’ll have to speak to them for specifics.

Can I keep a record of the changes I make to my strategies?

Yes. Tekton records all changes made to your strategies once you save them, so you can make before-and-after backtest comparisons.

Why can’t I trade on the weekends?

Don’t get greedy. The markets are closed on the weekend. Didn’t you say you had a hobby anyway?

When I test my strategy, how far back do the results go?

For now, you can test back to January 2017. Soon, you’ll be able to test back ten years.

What’s the difference between Tekton and a robotrader?

Tekton is a brainy, super powerful, human-operated tool you can use to make better, smarter trades. A robotrader is programmed to perform a few basic functions that you can configure for individual currency pairs.

What’s an Expert Adviser?

An Expert Adviser is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. Expert Advisers give traders advice about what trades to make and they can be programmed to automatically execute trades on a live account. But if you’re thinking about using an Expert Adviser, you’ll need programming experience and usually you’ll have to pay a fee.

What’s a signal?

A Forex signal is an order you give to a trading platform to perform a trade at a specific price and time.

Can Tekton send me trading signals?

The Tekton team is planning on introducing this functionality soon.

How many strategies can I have running at once?

You can create and run up to 24 strategies simultaneously, as long as you don’t overshoot your margin levels. To play it safe, you should always double-check your account balance before you make a trade and make sure the amount you’re trading doesn’t overshoot your margin requirements.

Will my trades close automatically?

Yes, your trades will close as soon as the profit/loss conditions you set in your algo are met.

Can I close my trades manually if I want?


How frequently can I trade a strategy?

As often as you want.

How do I start and stop my strategies?

Just press the start or stop button on your Tekton dashboard.

What strategy should I use?

That’s the fun part. Tekton gives you complete freedom to choose and tweak your strategies until you’re absolutely happy with them.

Which indicators can I use to set my strategies?

At present, Tekton offers the standard industry indicators. We’re working on adding even more.

What should my risk settings be?

That depends on your risk appetite. Whenever you make a trade, you have to ask yourself if you can shoulder a potential loss. Every trade comes with an element of risk.

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