think it algo trading

Think it.

Thinking of trading like a pro, but worried you’ll need an IT team or a degree in finance to pull it off? 

Go ahead. Think it.

Tekton puts the power, precision and brains of the best custom algorithmic trading software at your fingertips, so you can think as big as you want, with zero coding, zero cost and zero anxiety.

Build it.

Tekton’s “if this, then that” interface makes building your big trades easy, fun and fast. No fixed, prebuilt algorithms you can’t change. No  IT budgets.

Just give your strategy a name and choose your instrument. Tell Tekton how you want your algo to behave and what you want it to do. Then set a candle period and cap your risk. You’ll be up in running in minutes.

Any algo you create with Tekton is infinitely customizable and 100% testable before launch.

build it algo trading
test it algo trading

Test it.

Is Tekton infinitely wise? Yes, it is. Tekton catches all the trading conditions that apply to your algos, even the ones you, frail human, may have missed.

If something isn’t working the way you expected, just tweak it. Change parameters, behaviors, and actions until you’re happy. There’s no limit to the tweaks you can make. And you can make them fast, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Still not sure? Demo Tekton for as long as you want before you put down any real money.

Trade it.

Do you remember the guy in the office who was always working late? The one who kept his cool and made the right decisions when no one around him could hold it together? 

Who never forgot anything and never made a mistake and was always available—anywhere, anytime?

That’s Tekton.

Trade better with smarter algorithms. Track your progress 24/7 anywhere there’s internet

trade it algo trading

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